Plan A Parenthood - Abortions under General Anesthesia in an ASF certified facility


Plan A Parenthood is here to provide you with the help you need.Please rest assured that we are here to help you and your family in any possible way.

There are many reasons for you to opt for a termination of pregnancy, however no questions will be asked regarding your personal reasons, and we ensure your complete privacy and confidentiality. 

We are always available to answer any questions and ready to meet your needs, so please do not hesitate to call us at (631) 434-4300.

Plan A Parenthood was established to help women get affordable and quality healthcare, especially when it comes to abortion services. Plan A Parenthood has been in business for over 30 years providing services guaranteed to be safe, discreet, and quick.

We are open every day except for Sunday during normal business hours, and we can schedule an appointment immediately for your:
  • Early Abortion services
  • Non-surgical Abortions also known as Medical Abortions
  • Birth Control methods, PAP Tests
  • GYN exams including women's yearly examinations including Pap-smears
  • B12 Injections

In order to help our community, we are offering the following, free, to any long islander:
  • Free Morning After pill
  • Free Emergency Contraception
  • Free Abortion Services counseling
  • any advice on several health issues

Be advised that surgical abortions carry a risk of infection, perforation, longer recovery times and associated risks from anesthesia complicatons. 
In order to avoid the risks of surgery, especially related to anesthesia, RU 486 (also known as Mifeprex-abortion pill) was developed. Mifeprex is a much safer and private Non-surgical abortion option.
By taking Mifeprex in an office OR in the privacy of your home, your menstrual period is induced. With Mifeprex, Bleeding may be heavier than a normal heavy period, and you may also pass blood clots and tissue. During this time, it is important to use pads and NOT tampons.

In order to have a medical (non-surgical) abortion, the process is very simple. After you have confirmed that you are pregnant, you will visit our office and we will perform a simple sonogram to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy. In addition, we will also perform a finger prick to test your hemoglobin level (must be over 10). If you are unaware of your blood type (positive or negative) we will perform that test as well. Please note that  if you are Rh negative you will need a Rhogam injection.

Medical Abortion pills are available and safe to take from a few days after conception (UCG must be positive ) to 77 days of gestation when confirmed by sonogram.
Unwanted pregnancy can be a burden and very stressful. As the pregnancy continues, it also increases the complications associated with the abortion. A pregnancy greater than 11 weeks requires a surgical abortion procedure. 
To make healthcare affordable and available to all, we have designed our fee schedule as $500.00 for gestational pregnancies of 45 days to 63 days and $650 from conception to 45 days and from 64 days to 77 days.

Please visit out website for more information or call our office during working hours at 631-435-4300

Please note that we are a private doctors office and we do not accept any medical insurance plans.

Not ready for a family yet? We understand and are here to help. 

Not Ready for more

Our physicians have been highly trained and experienced in this field for many years.

Not ready for a family

We want to ensure that if you are not ready for a child, you can safely, with a clean conscience, terminate your pregnancy.

Not ready in your relationship

Now may not be the perfect time in your life for a child. We understand and are here to help you.

Not Ready

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